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Renal yetersizlikte GFR ve albumin üzerinden evreleme


48-year-old male patient with Type 1 DM diagnosis for 28 years is being monitored. In the examinations of the patient, GFR 38ml / min and 400 mg of albuminuri is observed in 24-hour urine.

The stage of kidney failure of the patient which one?
A) G1, A3
B) G3a, A2
C) G2, A2
D) G3b, A3

E) G2, A3

Answer D

The Latest Guidance on Chronic Kidney Disease | AACC.org

GFR Stages GFR (ml / min / 1.73 m3) 

G1 ≥90 Normal or high
G2 60-89 Slightly reduced
G3a 45-59 Slightly to moderately reduced
G3b 30-44 Moderately to severely reduced
G4 15-29 Severely decreased
G5 <15 Renal failure

Defines AER (mg / day)
A1 <30 Normal / high normal
A2 30-300 High
A3> 300 Very high

CKD Stages | The Renal Association